Yay – I Live in the ‘iPad-Friendliest’ State in the US

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iPad Friendliest Cities

This is why I still read The Daily, the first ever iPad-only newspaper – for in-depth stories like yesterday’s on the ‘iPad-friendliest’ cities in the US.

According to a survey by Men’s Health magazine, who I always think of as the go-to resource for iPad facts and figures, Plano, Texas is the most iPad friendly city in the USA. And my hometown in Austin comes in at a strong Number 5 on the list. I’m going to say that makes Texas the overall winner – California may have the numbers 2,3,6, and 7 cities but hey, we have Numero Uno and Cinco – and Cinco gets 174 bonus points for being my hometown.

For those who are curious – Toledo, Ohio ranked as the least iPad friendly city. And these rankings were based on:

… tablet use based on ad impressions, the number of Apple and Best Buy stores per capita, and percentage of households that own tablets, notebooks, or laptops.

How iPad-friendly is your city? Is it a Plano iPad-loving rival or more of a couldn’t care less Toledo?

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7 thoughts on “Yay – I Live in the ‘iPad-Friendliest’ State in the US”

  1. They might want to get their states straight… they used the abbreviation for Indiana instead of Idaho.

  2. I’m also pleased that my hometown made the cut, even though they transplanted it to… Indiana. Sigh. The fate of my life, explaining to the world that, no, Boise is not in Indiana. But who cares if no one knows where we are physically as we are highly connected digitally!

    1. Ah, it appears Men’s Health may not be our bestest source for Geography lessons for our kids – but top notch for iPad related rankings and facts. :)

  3. Shocked Plano is on the list at all! Hometown is Athens, not that far. But I’m in college station now.

    Thanks and Gig’Em!
    – Jake ’12

    1. Whoa – not sure whether ‘that phrase’ can be used on this site run by a Longhorn fan. How did it get past the spam filter??? :0

  4. Don’t worry Patrick. Even though the Horns didn’t get it done against them last year, LSU took care of the Naggies for you in the Cotton Bowl. I believe Duck is next on the menu for the Tigers in Dallas.

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