iPad in Education: at Burlington High School

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iPad in Education

Apple has a superb ‘Apple in Education’ profile video up – highlighting the great impact iPads are making at Burlington High School in Massachusetts.

The school’s principal and teachers talk about how well the iPad has worked and how it has replaced expensive computer labs. They stress that students can now do everything on a single device – they don’t have to go to different devices for different tasks. One teacher speaks on how the iPad has expanded the possibilities for student projects

… students can do a video, do a paper, do a website. It just opens up far more options for them than we ever had before.

Here’s a great line from the principal, Patrick Larkin:

We felt, and we still do, that it was the best content delivery device – and was also the best content creation device.

Once again, so much for Microsoft and others claiming the iPad is just a consumption device.

The video is just over four minutes and it’s well worth a look – check it out at this Apple in Education page.

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