iPad in Education: Great Kindergarten Case Study

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iPad Kindergarten case study

Talk about a great endorsement – they just don’t get any better than this. Just in case you can’t read the quite text on the image above, here it is:

For the first time in 22 years of teaching, 100 percent of my kindergarten students went to first grade reading above grade level.

That’s from Kristi Meeuwse, a kindergarten teacher at Drayton Hall Elementary School in Charleston, South Carolina. Apple’s case study on how Meeuwse has used the iPad in her classroom, and how much her students have got out of it, is a fascinating read – and a real feel good story as well.

Meeuwse has created her own books, tailored to her class and her city, to address the lack of non-fiction books for her students’ age group. Students are even creating their own content to respond to respond to assignments – and getting engaged and excited about their class work.

Here’s another huge benefit of using the iPad that’s highlighted:

With 25 students in her classroom, Meeuwse used to teach toward the middle. She would struggle to pull up the lower students, and the students working ahead were left to spin their wheels. iPad, however, allows Meeuwse to personalize learning for her students by creating leveled books. Once she creates a book, it’s easy to duplicate it and create different leveled readers from it, allowing students to learn at their own pace.

Microsoft can shout all they want in their TV ads about tablets for ‘doing real work’ – but I’m hard pressed to think of any better work than this. Not just getting kids more engaged and exited about learning, but getting such great results – that’s work worth bragging about.

Check out the whole case study at this iPad in Education page.

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