iPad in Education: Long Island University Deploys 6,000 iPads

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If you were asked to guess which US university has made what is apparently the biggest deployment of iPads to students and faculty, which ones would you guess? Maybe my hometown’s University of Texas with its 50,000 plus student body? Or an Ivy League powerhouse? My guess is that you wouldn’t be throwing out Long Island University as one of your choices, and nor would I – or at least not before I read about its rollout of 6,000 iPads to its student and faculty.

I read about it at the excellent UberMobile site, run by Eric Lai of SAP. Eric has been closely tracking large-scale iPad deployments in the enterprise and education arenas for some time now – and even maintains a spreadsheet that charts these HERE

Here are just a few interesting points that come out in Lai’s piece on the LIO iPad rollout:

LIU’s CIO – George Baroudi – on one of the reasons behind the initiative:

“We started to realize that the need for PCs is starting to die,” he said. Tablets like the iPad cost one-third the price of a laptop. And armed with Citrix remote access software, they can run the same Windows apps a laptop can, just off a server. “The mouse is dead. Long live the finger!”

iPads have already been given to nearly all of the school’s 3,500 full-time freshmen and more than a third of the faculty and administrators.

This will be great news for the folks at RIM:

LIU rolled out BlackBerries to all faculty seven years ago. A year and a half ago, Baroudi gave faculty the option to switch to an iPhone. 80% took Baroudi up on his offer.

This is impressive-sounding – Apple apparently assisted with deployment:

… with the help of an Apple representative who helped LIU set up the infrastructure that takes just ten seconds to install LIU’s apps on each iPad. Those apps include the MyLIU app, which gives students access to school services, a separate BlackBoard app for their classes, and a Citrix app for faculty and administrators accessing key university-hosted data.

There’s lots more great detail on this huge iPad rollout in Eric’s article. Check it out here:


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