iPad in Education: Report Shows School Districts Doubling Down on Their iPad Rollouts

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It looks like the iPad’s impact in the education arena in the US is continuing to grow. A recent report by Fox Business cites some of the impressive numbers for the iPad in the education market and also some evidence of increasing momentum for Apple’s tablet.

Here are some of the things that caught my attention in the report:

— As we already knew from Apple’s financial results announcement, iPad sales are on the rise while PC sales are falling.

Apple (AAPL: 661.31, +1.92, +0.29%) sold almost a million iPads to education buyers in the K-12 market in the third quarter alone, doubling sales from a year ago, according to an analyst at Needham & Co. By contrast, PC shipments in the education market reportedly fell 13.9% during the same period.

— Some school districts are making big increases in the size of their iPad rollouts:

While schools have been testing iPads for awhile, many of them are now looking to deepen their investment. A school district in San Diego recently spent $15 million expanding its iPad program, taking on 26,000 iPads in what was one of the biggest iPad deployments to date. The McAllen school district in Texas, which had only distributed 5,000 devices as of last April, will provide nearly 20,000 to students this fall.

The report also mentions that the goal for many of these schools now is to eventually have an iPad for every student.

For those of you who are students in US schools, or parents of students, are you seeing this trend in your area? What do you think about  iPads in classrooms?

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3 thoughts on “iPad in Education: Report Shows School Districts Doubling Down on Their iPad Rollouts”

  1. My kids attend a parochial school. While we aren’t at the stage of an iPad for every student, we do have about 25-30 that we’re currently sharing among grades 1-5 whereas grades 6-8 get laptops for each student. Depending on how successful the rollout is, the number of iPads could increase. This is one of reasons, I splurged and got a 3rd gen iPad about 2 months ago. So far, we love it, but still haven’t probably used it to the full potential education wise.

    Love your site by the way…keep up the good work.

    1. Very glad to hear you love the site. Also glad to hear you love the iPad so far. Hope you get tons of good educational and all-round use from it.

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