iPad in Education: With a Special Needs Child

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I’ve posted before on the iPad helping children with autism. This week I spotted a video of the iPad in action helping a special needs student named Dennis Lamme Jr. Here’s the short Intro for it on its Vimeo page:

A documentary about how Dennis Lamme, a special education student, uses the iPad to further his learning. This was created for the Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference (TRETC). The video was shot and edited on the iPod Touch.

It’s great to see the iPad described as a tool that is helping Dennis Jr. to succeed. He started out using it for specific activities but it has become integrated in his whole school day and all classroom activities.

His teacher says he sticks with the device for a long time, which lets her know that he’s getting good feedback from it.

Here’s my favorite quote from the video, from Dennis’ mom:

He interacts with it so simply that it makes learning for him a much more enjoyable experience – and he wants to do it. It’s motivating to him.

Once again I have to say these are the stories that justify the ‘magical’ tag for the iPad. It’s not about hardware specs and which tablet has more cameras or more storage space, it’s about the overall experience with the device, the intuitive interface.

The video is uplifting as heck to watch, regardless of whether you own an iPad or a child with special needs. Great stuff from the iPad and, even more so, from Dennis Jr.

I couldn’t manage to embed it but you can click on the image at the top of the post or go here to view it:


I believe I spotted this via a tweet (or something) from Robert Scoble (that I can’t find alink for just now), and that he also linked to this good list of 10 revolutionary iPad apps to help autistic children:


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