More Crazy iPad Numbers: K12 Customers Bought Twice as Many iPads as Macs Last Quarter

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There were a lot of crazy, impressive iPad numbers revealed in this week’s Apple Q2 financial results call – including 67 million iPads sold in two years. A recent report at Apple Insider highlights a few more impressive numbers mentioned by Apple, specifically relating to the education sector.

Here’s the first one:

Apple’s chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer noted in the company’s Q2 conference call that US K-12 education customers had purchased twice as many iPads as Macs, despite also setting a new record in Mac sales for the quarter.

I would bet this will be the start of a continuing trend – not just because of Post-PC era type momentum for tablets in general, but also because the iPad is just so well-suited for the education sector. The form factor and design of the device, the great range of education apps for K12 right through university students, iTunes U and iBooks Author and iBooks textbooks are all things that make it such a great fit.

Here’s one more big iPad in Education number from the Q2 results call:

Oppenheimer noted that the San Diego school district purchased 10,000 iPads in the quarter, and plans to buy over 15,000 additional iPads in the June quarter for its middle and high school students.

I’m also seeing first-hand evidence of the iPad’s appeal – my daughter is a third grader and her elementary school is rolling out iPads to all their classrooms (for grades K to 5th) this year. I even got a chance to help out a little with training some of their teachers on using the iPad and offering app suggestions. I have a feeling the iPad is going to be a bigger and bigger part of my daughter’s life as a student in coming years.

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