CDW Survey: More Proof of iPad’s Enterprise Momentum

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CDW are one of the US’ leading providers of technology and infrastructure to businesses of all sizes. So when they share their latest survey data on tablets – and iPad – adoption in the enterprise with me, I’m interested right away.

And their latest data offers further evidence of the iPad’s growing momentum in the enterprise arena. Here’s some of their findings from the latest CDW IT Monitor:

Nearly six in 10 IT decision-makers reported tablet computer use in their organization, with 61% of those choosing Apple’s iOS over other mobile operating systems.

85% of IT decision-makers see implementing tablets as an opportunity to increase productivity.

Of those who have not incorporated tablets, 31% are planning to employ them within their organization in the next six months. If this figure holds, it would mean tablet use in more than 70% of businesses by October.

The only surprise in those numbers is the 61% figure for the iPad in terms of tablets in use. Although that’s clearly the majority, it still seems a low number, given the near non-existent competition there’s been for the iPad so far.

And here are more of the survey findings on how tablets are being used and what sort of impact they’re having:

Tablets Viewed as Productivity Booster: 74% of IT decision-makers believe consumer technology has led to an increase in productivity in their organization; 25% of those said it has translated to a significant increase

Tablets Beginning to Replace some PCs: On average, users reported that tablets have replaced 19% of their organization’s PCs.

Tablets Finding Their Role: Top ways tablets are used within organizations are – for sales (48%), replacing printed materials (36%) and workgroup collaboration (32%)

So that’s a huge percentage of businesses finding that tablets (and in the majority of cases, read iPads for tablets) are a big productivity booster and a healthy percentage reporting that tablets are replacing PCs. Not bad for a tablet that some still want to accuse of being just a ‘media consumption’ sort of device.

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