iPad in the Enterprise: SAP Has Already Given iPads to 1,000 Employees

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SAP – a blue-chip player in the enterprise software arena – has rolled out 1,000 iPads to staff members around the world.

Talk about eating your own, delicious dog food: SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann tweeted yesterday that the enterprise software vendor has already rolled out iPads to 1,000 employees.

And this isn’t just a superficial show of support for SAP’s new-found embrace of mobility: according to Bussmann, every iPad comes with e-mail, Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to server-based applications through Citrix software and Business Intelligence tools via BusinessObjects.

Apparently SAP”s CIO has also stated that there’s ‘more to come’ on their rollout of iPads.  ZDNet reckons this is already single largest rollout of iPads in the world.

If the iPad is deemed a success within top enterprises like SAP that should be a huge boost for its overall momentum in the enterprise space.

Source: ZDnet via TUAW

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9 thoughts on “iPad in the Enterprise: SAP Has Already Given iPads to 1,000 Employees”

  1. KLA-Tencor gifted all of its employees each a 32Gb iPad and KLA-Tencor embossed case. That was ~6000 ipads to celebrate a record quarter.

          1. No link that I know of; I don't believe they advertised this to the world though I heard RIck (CEO) mentioned it on a TV interview. I'm an Engineer with the WIN division and I definitely got mine.

  2. I am glad you are sharing this… I am planning on using my iPad here at work. I really would like to see if i could do the same. I heard a lot about the app called Citrix and its on my ipad now.

    I guess I have to bridge together with the IT Administrators at my job! I definintely put up my results!

    great article!

    1. You'll need Citrix server software in your environment to use the app I'm pretty sure. If you don't have that in your company, there are plenty of other good remote access options.

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