iPad in the Enterprise: SAP To Rollout 17,000 iPads to Staff

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It looks like SAP’s already large iPad rollout to its employees is going to become massive over the next 12 months. I posted not long ago about the company putting iPads in the hands of 1,000 employees.  It turns out that number is 1,500 already – and their CIO, Oliver Bussmann, says they have far (far!) more ambitious plans for deploying iPad’s throughout their whole organization:

And the SAP CIO said that he intends to make the device generally available to all SAP employees as soon as possible. The company currently has 17,000 BlackBerrys rolled out across the organisation and Bussmann said that within 12 months, there will be as many iPads in use by SAP employees.

Just as impressive as the sheer quantity of SAP’s iPad deployment is the range and level of use it is getting within the company, and the impressive praise it’s already receiving.  Here are just a few examples of this:

Being used in core business activities …

He revealed in conversation with Computing that the company has deployed the tabletPCswith email access, access to a virtual private network (VPN), Citrix software to enable access to server-based applications and business intelligence tools via BusinessObjects.

SAPemployeesare also piloting the Mobile Sales for SAP CRM app built by SAP’s recent acquisition Sybase.

The iPads have been distributed across SAP’s sales, marketing and pre-sales teams. In addition, SAP’s mobile app development team is also using the device, as are those piloting the Mobile Sales for SAP CRM app.

Some of its critical advantages …

The CIO said that the tablet device’s reboot time, weight, 3G support and size made it work in the corporate environment.

“All of the executives take it into meetings, it gives immediate access to all information, through access to email, the VPN, business intelligence and CRM,” he explained.

“In terms of user experience, it’s the best device on the market right now.”

And this is quite a pleasant surprise:

Bussmann also revealed that Apple offered SAP “good help and support” in rolling out the iPad …

All in all, not too shabby for a device that so many people still think is ‘just for consumption’, not really for ‘doing’.

Source: Computing via UberMobile

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