‘Just for Consumption’ iPad: 93% of Enterprise Tablet Activations Last Quarter

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Enterprise Tablet Activations Q4 2012

Oh dear. Looks like just about everyone in the enterprise arena missed the memo about the iPad being just a ‘consumption device’, no good for doing real work like those Surface tablets with the clicky keyboards that make everyone in the board room dance.

Because according to the latest report from Good Technology, over 93% of enterprise tablet activations in Q4 of 2012 were iPads. Android tablets gained momentum during the course of 2012 – and still account for less than 7% of activations. Oh, and those proper, business focused, real work doing tablets from Microsoft – not even a smudge on the chart, they don’t even warrant a number.

Good Technology is a blue-chip services provider in the enterprise mobility space:

As the leader in enterprise mobility, Good Technology™ provides mobile device, app, and data security to some of the world’s largest banks, healthcare organizations, governments, and retailers.  With over 4000 customers across every major industry, including half the Fortune 100™, Good® has a clear view into global mobility trends and the adoption of new mobile platforms and devices.

The report also reveals the top two sectors for mobile device activations: financial services and business and professional services.

The iPad is clearly dominating in the enterprise and making a huge impact in the education arena as well. Wouldn’t it be great if one of these days we stopped hearing the stupid talk from Microsoft and many folks in the mainstream media who insist on labeling the iPad as not for real work?

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