Deals: DataLogixx Triple Play Adapter + 128GB Memory Card

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If you are an iOS user, you are probably already aware of the limitations of using external storage devices. With an iPhone or iPad, you have to have something with a Lightning connector. With an iPad Pro, you have a little more flexibility with the new USB-C port. However, external storage devices still only work with photos and videos by default.

While the default is disappointing, there is hope for those who need some extra space. You just need an adapter from a third-party that comes with an app to manage the file exchange. One such adapter is the Triple Play from DataLogixx. This one comes with the added advantage of three connectors, Lightning, Micro USB and USB-C, built in. This means you can use this one not just with an iOS device, but ANY device. Oh, and there’s the added kicker of the included 128 GB MicroSD Card, too.

Our Deals site is offering the DataLogixx Triple Play Adapter with 128 GB MicroSD Card for $46.99.

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