Deals: 10-Ft MFi-Certified Lightning Cable 3 Pack

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Being a father of a family of five, all of whom are interested in tech and have one or more Apple devices, I can tell you that you can never have enough spare Lightning Cables. Sometimes I wonder if the dogs are getting hold of them, or maybe my kids just have a talent for dispatching them very quickly. Either way, between this and the occasional cable going MIA, we go through a bunch of them in this house.

As the owner of a first gen 12.9″ iPad Pro, I can also speak to the value of a 10 foot long Apple Lightning Cable. If you are using your device less as just a smartphone or tablet, and more as a primary link to the world or home computer replacement, then a longer cable that doesn’t force you to sit one foot from an outlet is a huge help. I still use mine on a daily basis and will never go back. I handle mine with care, but after two years, it is starting to fade and probably won’t make it more than a few more months. This is unfortunate, since Apple now packs a much shorter cable in with the new iPad Pros. This makes a good third-party option very important.

All that said, this deal is an absolute no-brainer. Three 10 foot MFi-certified Lightning Cables for $16.99 is a seriously good deal. If you are running short of spare Lightning Cables, then here you go. Look no further.  Also, if you’ve never used a longer cable, this is a great way to give one a shot. Once you use one of these, you probably won’t want to go back.

Our Deals site is selling a three pack of 10 ft MFi-Certified Lightning Cables for $16.99.

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