Deals: 1VoiceNYC 10,000 mAh Charging Messenger Bags

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Last week I highlighted 1Voice’s 10,000 mAh Charging Backpack. This week, I wanted to point out their Charging Messenger Bags for those who prefer a shoulder bag to a backpack. Like 1Voice’s Charging Backpack, the Messenger Bag comes with a 10,000 mAh backup battery that will charge your smartphone several times, or can be used to top off your iPad Pro.

1Voice’s Charging Messenger Bags are available in three basic styles, each of which has two color options. Also like 1Voice’s Charging Backpacks, the Charging Messenger Bag is also a great deal. The 1Voice 10,000 mAh Charging Messenger Bag is available from our Deals site for $49.99. This is 68% off the retail price of $159.00.

The Wooly Charging Messenger Bag is a spacious and sleek shoulder bag with a convenient laptop compartment. What’s even more convenient is the built-in 10,000mAh lithium-polymer charger to keep you fueled while on the go. Literally, you can plug your laptop in while you’re walking to the coffee shop. Not too shabby.

• Built-in battery has enough power to charge your smartphone 3-6 times

• Snap closure & padded laptop compartment allow you to keep items safe, including laptops up to 15″

• Adjustable length removable strap allows you to travel in comfort

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