Deals: 30% Off the Lazy Couch Laptop & Tablet Stand

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Our highlighted deal today is for the Lazy Couch Laptop & Tablet Stand.  This tiny, lightweight (1.8 ounces!) stand looks very promising. It’s made by Just Mobile, makers of some of our favorite ever iPad stands.   It’s on offer for $13.95 – 30% off the standard price of $20.

Here’s the Deals store intro and features list for the Lazy Couch Laptop & Tablet Stand:

Laptops and tablets have us constantly hunched and bent in positions that are bad for our health, and plain uncomfortable. Place these lightweight, portable stands under your laptop to raise it to the ideal ergonomic typing level, while also allowing airflow to prevent overheating. Kind of a Netflix addict? Use your Lazy Couch stands to get the ideal viewing angle of your tablet before you dive into your next series marathon.

  • Constructed w/ high-quality aluminum

  • Fit most laptops & tablets

  • Designed specially for MacBooks & iPads

  • Snap together as one unit for easy storage & traveling

  • Provide ventilation for laptops & tablets for cooler, quieter operation

  • Improve viewing & typing angles

Check out this iPad Insight Deals page to see more detail and place an order.


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3 thoughts on “Deals: 30% Off the Lazy Couch Laptop & Tablet Stand”

  1. I wonder if these demoers ever watch their presentation — like in this one (and it could be the template of most all of the demos) 95% of the video was a talking head. NO NO NO, show the product, only the product, talk if you must, but as background to showing the product.

    And, when you do show the product, don’t shake it (unless that is what the product is, a shaker).

    This one is supposed for most laptops and tablets but only shows one type of laptop.

    1. Hey David – I love Just Mobile’s iPad accessories, but I’m with you on this. Demos should be 90% focused on actually showing the product and what it can do, only 10% on the Johnny Ive style here’s why it’s wonderful.

  2. Unless I’m missing something – I don’t see how this can be used “ergonomically” in bed or on a couch? It barely lifts the laptop / device.

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