Deals: ARMOR-X Magnetic Charging Cable

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Have you ever tripped over a short mobile device charging cord, or had someone trip over yours? It’s easy to do when outlets aren’t in a convenient locations, especially in public places like airports or your local coffee shop. What Apple did for laptops with the MagSafe, ARMOR-X is doing for all of your mobile devices. This cable has a magnetic connection right at the charge connector that stays in place during normal use, but can break away quickly if stress is applied, protecting both the cable’s charge connector and more importantly, your device.

These magnetic charge cables are availble in silver or gray with either a Lightning or microUSB end, so it will be compatible with most of your mobile devices. All of the cables are 3.3″ in length are capable of 2.4 Amp Fast Charging.

Our Deals site is offering the ARMOR-X Magnetic Charging Cable for $19.99. This is 50% off the normal retail price of $39.99.

One cable to resolve all your charging needs forever… wouldn’t that be great? Well, here’s a start. These magnetic cables are cleverly and durably designed to magnetically clip on any type of adapter you need. Built with a tough, fray-resistant nylon cord and a smart magnetic tip, these cables will last as long as you need them, and will prevent your clumsiness from tripping and knocking your phone onto the ground.

Details & Requirements

• Length: 3.3′

• 2.4A fast charging


• Magnetic charging cable (silver)

• Lightning adapter

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