Deals: Atech USB-C Magnetic Breakaway Charging Cable

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One great Apple innovation that fell by the wayside in the name of progress when the MacBook and MacBook Pro both went all USB-C was the MagSafe charge connector. It was a hit from the moment it was announced, and its loss was widely lamented by Apple fans.

Accessory manufacturers are never ones to sit still. As soon as there is a need, they will fill it. The loss of the MagSafe is no exception, as Atech is one of several manufacturers who have stepped in to fill the gap. Their USB-C Magnetic Breakaway Charging Cable is a perfect substitute for the MagSafe’s breakaway feature that works with any available USB-C port on your MacBook or MacBook Pro. The cable is also compatible with any other accessories that you may have that charge via USB-C.

Our Deals site is offering the Atech USB-C Magnetic Breakaway Charging Cable for $24.99. This is 37% off the normal retail price of $39.99.

James Rogers

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