Deals: CleanEmail Lifetime Subscription

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Managing email is the worst. I used to be able to sort of stay on top of my inboxes when I was a programmer, but now that I’m a project manager at work and a writer at home, I have no time and am constantly inundated with emails that I have no time to file and manage.

Enter CleanEmail to the rescue. This isn’t an app, but an online service that will help you to organize up to five different email accounts. CleanEmail sorts and categorizes your emails to make it easier to get rid of non-essential messages, and sort those that remain.

CleanEmail works with all major browsers and email clients and across all devices. The service also encrypts all of your data and details, and as an added security measure, removes all of your data from their servers after 24 hours.

Our Deals site is offering a Lifetime Subscription to CleanEmail for $59.99. This is 75% off of the $249.95 retail price. You can also get a 1 Year Subscription for $19.99, or a 3 year subscription for $29.99.

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