Deals: Credit Card Sized Smartphone & Tablet Stand: 3-Pack

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The tablet stand is one of the first accessories that sprang up alongside the first iPad, and for good reason. There are lots of times, such as when watching video or reading, that having a little extra support for your tablet is a very handy thing. Having one that folds down to a credit card size is even handier. This stand from Neva Tech gives users plenty of choices when it comes to device angle, and the front bar adjusts to allow devices of various thicknesses. It’s simple, but effective, and that is the hallmark of a great accessory.

Our Deals site is selling the Credit Card Sized Smartphone and Tablet Stand 3-Pack from Neva Tech for $19.99.

Sometimes you want to read the news on your phone or tablet without holding it in your hand. Or maybe you’re cooking in the kitchen and want to have a better view of the recipe. There are myriad reasons to want a smartphone and laptop stand, but many are cumbersome and don’t travel well. This credit card sized one, however, works with most phones, tablets, and e-readers and fits easily in your wallet. 

  • Extremely portable for fast easy setup
  • Folds flat to fit into your wallet
  • Front flap adjusts to the depth of your device for secure viewing
  • Adjustable aluminum support bar allows you to position your device at multiple angles

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