Deals: Dash A Bluetooth Speaker

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Soundmatters, the manufacturer of the Dash A, makes the bold claim that their portable Bluetooth speaker is the world’s flattest. Bold claims are nothing new in advertising, but with a height of only 0.62”, they may actually be right. The device measures 6.5” X 2.1” X 0.62” and weights in at only 6.9 ounces, so the Dash A is small all-around, and as portable as any Bluetooth speaker you will find. In fact, it is so small that Sountmatters refers to it as a soundbar, rather than a speaker.

The intent is that users will place the Dash A below their devices with the sound projected upward, as pictured above, making it a unique spin on the traditional Bluetooth speaker. The Dash A also has 10 hour battery life, which is very good for a device this size. It also has a unique setup to aid in boosting the bass, which is always a challenge with any small speaker. Soundmatters uses the battery as a passive sound radiator to aid in projecting bass, which they refer to as BassBattery.

As for the rest, the Dash A also fills all of the other roles we have come to expect from portable Bluetooth speakers. It has a mic, so it is able to function as a speakerphone. It can accept input from an Aux cable if Bluetooth isn’t your thing. It charges via MicroUSB, like the vast majority of other Bluetooth-enabled accessories. Basically, it covers all the ground you expect from a quality Bluetooth speaker, just in a smaller, thinner package with great battery life.

Our Deals site is offering the Dash A Bluetooth Speaker from Soundmatters for $59.99. This is 69% off the normal retail price of $199.

Details & Requirements

• Weight: 6.9 oz

• Dimensions: 0.62”H x 2.1”L x 7.5”W

• BassBattery: lithium polymer powered battery, doubling as passive radiator

• Speakers: patented ultra-wide range neodymium rare-earth drivers

• Speakerphone: built-in noise-canceling speakerphone for clear phone calls


• All Bluetooth compatible devices (Android, iOS, Windows mobile, etc.)

• Any device with a 3.5mm (headphone style) line output


• DASH A wireless Bluetooth speaker (black)

• Micro USB charging cable

• 3.5mm audio cable

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