Deals: The Complete iOS 13 & SwiftUI Developer Bundle

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Are you interested in learning the basics of programming and development for iOS and Apple’s newest interface tool, SwiftUI? Then look no further. This course bundle will give you what you need to get started.

Our Deals site is offering The Complete iOS 13 Developer Course & SwiftUI for $19.

The Complete iOS 13 Developer Course & SwiftUI

With iOS 13 bringing new Siri voice capabilities, a revamped Photos app, Dark Mode support, and more new features to the platform, there’s never been a better time to break into app development. Get your coding stripes and start building apps by jumping into this 40+ hour training led by Rob Percival, one of the Web’s highest-rated instructors. Even if you’ve never touched a line of code before, Rob guides you through the essentials, like Swift5 and XCode 11, as you build several projects for iOS 13, including clones of Uber and Instagram. This course is completely up to date, you won’t see any outdated technology, outdated lectures.

  • Access 229 lectures & 28 hours of content 24/7

  • Understand iOS13 development w/ Swift5

  • Master Swift5 programming skills

  • Build & iPhone/iPad app & put them to the App Store

  • Learn essential design skills


SwiftUI: Build Beautiful, Robust Apps

Apple changed the game with the release of Swift 5 years ago, helping millions of developers create amazing apps with easy to learn yet powerful, clean code. SwiftUI brings that same ideal to the visual side of apps. SwiftUI helps developers by binding their user Interfaces with their data. When the data changes, so does the UI and vice versa! In this course, you’ll get up to speed by creating a simple two-screen app to help you understand the fundamentals of SwiftUI. From there, you’ll move on to views, APIs, animation, and more.

  • Access 44 lectures & 5 hours of content 24/7

  • Learn how to create stunning user interfaces across all Apple platforms w/ Swift 5

  • Explore APIs, data & SwiftUI

  • Build apps for all Apple platforms

  • Learn about animation & drawing


Swift 5 Programming for Beginners

Swift is a programming language that allows you to write software for iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, Apple TVs, desktops, servers, or anything else that runs Apple code! In this Swift5 course, you’ll get all the essential information you need to write Swift code. Swift is great for new programmers because it is very intuitive, it continues to evolve as Apple adds new features, it is relatively easy to catch software bugs compared to other languages, and you can see your results immediately by running code in a Playground.

  • Access 38 lectures & 5 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn what’s new in Swift 5
  • Understand object-oriented programming in Swift
  • Learn intermediate Swift concepts
  • Work on 20+ coding challenges


SwiftUI: Build Amazing Apps, Fast & Easy

SwiftUI is Apple’s new declarative building framework that actually might forever change the way apps are made. Build interfaces as easy as dragging and dropping, and only use 5 times less code than before! With 114 lectures, this course will show you how to use the declarative programming along with the SwiftUI features. Learn all about text views, images, modifiers, navigation, integrating SwiftUi with UIKit, stacks, core data, and a lot more! Code along the course and get a head-start on the future of app-building.

  • Access 114 lectures & 11 hours of content 24/7

  • Understand declarative programming

  • Know how SwiftUI works

  • Learn all about SwiftUI features & how to use them

  • Know how to code in Swift & build successful apps

James Rogers

I am a Christian husband and father of 3 living in the Southeastern US. I have worked as a programmer and project manager in the Commercial and Industrial Automation industry for over 19 years, so I am hands on with technology almost every day. However, my passion in technology is for mobile devices, specifically Apple's iOS and iPadOS hardware and software. My favorite is still the iPad.

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