Deals: Graphene 8K HyperCharger PRO

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Have you ever been caught out of pocket with no way to charge your smartphone? As much as we may try, and I go to great lengths to prevent such occupancies, it still happens. I won’t have my bag with chargers. I’ll be in another vehicle and won’t have a car charger. I will have my new iPad Pro out and about and will discover that I forgot to bring a USB-C cable to charge it. It happens to everyone.

A mobile batter pack at least gives you a way to recharge when you are out and about. However, you still have to worry about bringing the correct cables, right? Well, if you have the Graphene 8K HyperCharger from LinearFlux, this isn’t a problem. This battery pack has the cables built right in.

Depending on what gadgets you have, choose between three different models of this battery pack. You can get Lightning with either USB-C or Micro USB, or you can get the two USB cables together. The battery also has a USB-A port, so you still have some additional flexibility.

While this batter pack will only be good for topping off most iPads, the 8,000 mAh battery is enough to fully charge even the iPhone XS Max a couple of times. It also has a “NanoStik PRO” pad on the bottom so you can attach the battery right to what it’s charging, if you prefer.

Our Deals site is offering the Graphene 8K HyperCharger PRO for $39.99 for Lightning and Micro USB, Lightning and USB-C and USB-C and Micro USB.

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