Deals: HUDWAY Glass Head-Up Navigation Display

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I love seeing all of the innovations that are coming to the latest vehicles. From Apple’s CarPlay to Android Auto, to Tesla massive dashboard display, automation has fully arrived in the automobile. However, if you are a few years from owning a new vehicle, what difference does any of these innovations make to you?

For those of us in this predicament, the most obvious solution is to use our smartphones and one of the MANY GPS apps available for navigation. However, using these tools can sometimes be too much of a distraction while driving. This is especially true if you don’t have a way to mount your smartphone for hands-free operation in your vehicle.

One solution to this issue is the HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Navigation Display. This glass display mounts to your car’s  dashboard and can display any Heads-Up Display style navigation app right in your field of view in a way that won’t distract you from the road. If you don’t currently have such an app, there are several available, and the HUDWAY even comes with free promo codes for some. Even better, the HUDWAY actually magnifies your phone’s display by 20%, making it easier to see.

Our Deals site is offering the HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Navigation Display for $49.95.

Push your car into the future with HUDWAY Glass, the brilliant solution that allows using any head-up display (HUD) app on any mobile device in your car to see the road ahead completely clearly. The very first of its kind, HUDWAY Glass produces a 20% larger image from your phone letting you see navigation, your speedometer, or any other HUD app with a more crystal, clearer picture that will prevent your gaze from wandering while driving.

“A safer (and really cool) GPS,” Forbes 

Featured on TechCrunch, GeekBite, CNET, Tom’s Guide, USA Today, and many more! 

  • View directions & the road at the same time to keep driving more safely
  • See more clearly on both poor visibility & clear days
  • Use w/ any smartphone & any HUD app – it’s universally compatible
  • Display any HUD-based navigation app
  • Get free promo codes to navigation apps by Hudway to use w/ your Glass

James Rogers

I am a Christian husband and father of 3 living in the Southeastern US. I have worked as a programmer and project manager in the Commercial and Industrial Automation industry for over 19 years, so I am hands on with technology almost every day. However, my passion in technology is for mobile devices, specifically Apple's iOS and iPadOS hardware and software. My favorite is still the iPad.

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