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Between trying to expand the memory of your iOS devices, handle and organize your photos and videos between cameras and other devices, and keep your iPhone and/or iPad charged, you can end up with a pile of dongles and adapters if you aren’t careful. The iKlips miReader from Adam Elements can take the place of all them in one small, easy to use accessory.

The iKlips miReader has a male Lightning adapter, allowing you to plug into any current iOS device. There is a microSD card slot, allowing you to add up to 256 GB of memory to your device. This also allows you to take a memory card from your camera and make it instantly accessible to your iOS device. The miReader also has a female micro USB port that allows you to connect to computers and other devices for file transfers, as well as allowing pass-through charging of your iOS device. It is fully MFi-certified, so you can rest assured that it will sync and charge properly with your Apple gear.

Through the use of the free iKlips app, you can manage all file transfers to and from the miReader. This device really is a complete package for extending the memory of your iOS device, but is also flexible enough to share files between your Mac or Windows computers and other devices, as well.

The iKlips miReaser 4K from Adam Elements is available from our Deals site for $46.99.

Flash drives are so 20th century. The iKlips miReader 4K revolutionizes the way we transfer and carry data, incorporating a Lightning connector, a micro USB, and a micro SD slot to share files between Mac, Windows, cloud drives, and expand your device’s memory. The miReader even works with your GoPro, micro drone, dash cam, or DSLR camera to instantly transfer all of your 4K video to an iPhone or iPad Pro for playing and editing on the go. Recording something on your iPhone but running low on memory? Plug in the miReader before recording and you can instantly store video there, bypassing your phone’s memory.

• Store, view, & edit your personal 4K videos, .raw DSLR shots, & GoPro action clips right on the miReader

• Expand your device’s memory by up to 256GB by inserting a micro SD card

• Manage files between iPhones, iPads, & Mac computers easily

• Use the iKlips app for macOS & Windows to easily lock or unlock files no matter the platform

• Keep your case on while transferring – it’s compatible w/ any case

• Perform transfers at lightning-fast speeds

• Transfer & charge at the same time w/ Lightning, micro USB, & microSD slots all on the same device

• Record 4K video directly to your iKlips, expanding your device’s storage

• Backup, view, transfer, capture, & manage all your photos, music, videos, & documents in one easy to use app

• Make transfers without worrying about files sizes – exFAT means there’s no limit on individual file sizes

• Use a password or Touch ID to protect files, folders, albums, or even the entire device

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