Deals: iOS Coding Mastery Bundle at 83% off

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Coding Mastery Bundle

Today’s featured deal will help you break into the booming iOS programming game and conquer the App Store with 104 Hours of Top-Rated iOS Dev Training.  These training classes include classes that will help you develop, design, create layouts, learn new programming language, and submit your work to the App Store–plus much more. Sign up now and receive an amazing 83% discount! This is  a great deal that will run you only $39 – instead of its standard price of $236!  Here’s some info about the Coding MasteryBundle , and how you can take advantage of this deal while it lasts…

Here’s some examples of the quality apps you will receive as part of this iOS Coding Mastery Bundle pack…

If you’ve ever considered developing iPhone and iPad applications, then this is the course for you. Through this fully immersive iOS 9 course, you’ll learn Apple’s new programming language, Swift 2.0, and build several actual iOS apps. If you’ve never coded before, this is the perfect gateway to the highly lucrative world of iPhone and iPad app development.

Whether you’re a total beginner to app development, a pro who wants to hone your style, or a graphic designer interested in trying UI/UX design, you have a ton to gain from this course. Using Bohemian Coding’s Sketch as a primary tool, you’ll design a complete iOS app interface, and infuse your own style and preferences to make your app uniquely yours. This one is as fun as it is functional.

To release an app to the public through the Apple Store, you’re going to need a strong understanding of Core Data, the object graph and persistence framework that allows a device to efficiently manage locally stored data. Through creating your own Core Data stack, you’ll gain an understanding of how to manage data models and relationships while picking up some new Swift Language features. This is an essential course to help you start monetizing your app in the Apple marketplace.

To see more details, and to place an order, visit this iPad Insight Deals page.

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