Deals: MarginNote Pro for Mac

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There is no shortage of note taking software for both macOS and iOS. However, sometimes it’s easier or more advantageous to take notes directly on or in a document. When we’re talking about a big PDF or EPUB file, that can be somewhere between difficult and impossible in a note taking app.

Enter MarginNote Pro, which allows you to not only annotate, but also take extensive notes inside of your larger PDF and EPUB files. You can add pictures, links, and web content to your notes, as well as using alternative note styles like Mind Mapping. MarginNote Pro even allows you to sync your notes out to apps, such as Anki, iThoughts, Mind Manager, and Evernote, as well as syncing your work with iCloud, Dropbox, or Evernote. You can even quiz yourself using flash cards for study. MarginNote Pro is the total package.

MarginNote Pro for Mac is available from our Deals site for $24.95.

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