Deals: Mcdodo Lightning Bolt 3.0 Lightning Cable

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Charging cables aren’t known for being smart, but there is something to said for one that is. The Mcdodo Lightning Bolt 3 is just such a cable, with LED lights showing charge status, overcharge protection and event the ability to stop the flow of current to prevent device overheating after charging is complete. Add in an aluminum shell and you have a charge cable that’s at the head of the class.

Our Deals is offering the Mcdodo Lightning Bolt 3.0 Lightning Cable for $19.


Is your current charging cord for your Apple devices letting you down? Do you want a charging card that offers fast charging that prevents your device from overheating and overcharging? The Mcdodo Lightning Bolt 3.0 is the charging cord for you. This charging cord will halt the flow of power once the battery is fully charged to increase the longevity of your battery. The zinc alloy connector is durable and will last a long time. The cord features a copper core encased in a durable aluminum shell. 

  • Automatic recharge functions

  • The orange LED light signals the cord is fast charging your device

  • The green LED light signals the cord is trickle charging your device.

  • Smart IC technology to ensure the correct current is being transferred to your device to prevent overheating.

  • Overcharge protection

  • 6-foot-long charging cord


  • Mcdodo Lightning Bolt 3.0 Lightning Cable (Black)

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