Deals: MOOV Wearable Fitness Coach at 40% Off

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MOOV Wearable Fitness Coach

Our featured deal of the day is one for all of you hard-core fitness fans and runners out there, or those aspiring to up their fitness game. It’s the MOOV Wearable Fitness Coach, on offer for $69 – a big 42% off its standard price of $119.

It’s touted as a fitness coach on your wrist. Here’s a little of its Intro and key features:

Moov doesn’t just track your distance and calories, its intelligent motion detectors reconstruct your movements in 3D to give real-time performance insights. The Moov tells you what you’re doing wrong, and how to correct it while giving you the inspiration to get in in the best shape of your life.

  • 9-axis precision motion sensors (used in aerospace technology) to capture exact athletic movement
  • Scientifically-designed hyper-intelligent coaching programs
  • Settings for specific workout variations such as: run, walk, cardio boxing, swimming, body weight, etc.

You can see more details and demo videos, and place an order at this iPad Insight Deals page.

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