Deals: Naztech Fast Multi-Port Wall Charger

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It often feels like there are never enough outlets or jacks to charge all of the devices we have. I have a family of five, and plugging in and charging, especially in our living room, can be a challenge. If you live in an older home like I do, this is only a bigger challenge, as they tend to have far fewer outlets than homes built in the last 15 years.

If you find yourself outlet challenged, this Fast Multi-Port Wall Charger from Naztech should be a huge help. Not only does it double up a single outlet without covering the one above, but it also gives you four high-speed USB-A ports on the bottom. It also includes over-charging protection, which will keep both you and your devices safe.

Our Deals site is offering the Naztech Fast Multi-Port Wall for $29.99.


Transform any single AC wall outlet into a 6-device charging station with 2 grounded power outlets and 4 high-speed USB ports. Each port is equipped with IntelliQ Smart Chips and engineered to deliver a powerful tablet-friendly 2.4A universal output. This ultra-compact power strip can charge any combination of devices, simultaneously, from one central location. Make each outlet do more! It’s the perfect solution to get maximum power from every room in your home or office. The wall-mount design is a space-saver and the low profile makes it easy to fit in tight spots

  • 2 AC outlets & 4 USB ports: Charge 6 devices at once
  • Wall-mount design: Save more room space
  • Discrete blue LED power indicator: Know that the charger is receiving power from your wall outlet
  • Built-in OmniProtect safety features: Protect your devices from short circuit & overcharge
  • IntelliQ Smart Chips: Charge your devices w/ just the right power flow


  • Color: black
  • Materials: plastic, metal
  • Product dimensions: 3.5″H x 2.3″L x 1.5″W
  • 2 grounded AC outlets
  • 4 high-speed USB ports
  • LED power indicator
  • Space-saving design
  • Sleek design
  • Premium construction
  • Drop-tested
  • Built-in OmniProtect
  • IntelliQ Smart Chips
  • Manufacturer’s 1-year warranty


  • Naztech Fast Multi-Port Wall Charger (Black)

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