Deals: Nomad Tile Trackable PowerPack

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In today’s increasingly busy mobile world, keeping a backup battery on hand has become increasingly common. And if you are going to carry one, it had better have enough juice to not just handle your phone, but also tablets, e-readers, Smart watches, cameras, etc. You will also want one that has multiple charge ports and can output enough amperage to fast-charge your larger capacity devices.

Nomad’s Tile Trackable PowerPack has you covered and then some. It not only has 2 charge ports, but one of them is USB-C, so you can cover newer phones or accessories. It has a rugged exterior with drop protection, 9,000 mAh of battery capacity, and has Bluetooth tracking built right in. If you’ve ever let one of your kids borrow your battery to charge one of their dead devices, then you KNOW how useful a feature this is. The Nomad hits all the boxes. Multiple device charges- check. Fast charging- check. USB-A and C- check. Easy to keep track of- check again.

Our Deals site is selling the Nomad Tile Tracking PowerPack for $119.95.

If Davey Crockett lived today and carried a smartphone, he’d also carry the Nomad Tile Trackable PowerPack. This ultra-rugged, 9,000mAh backup battery is armed with Tile Bluetooth tracking so even if you drop it in the middle of nowhere, you can still locate it. Plus, it’s fully loaded with fast charging USB C and USB A ports and is rated to military-grade drop-resistance. Going off the grid? Don’t go without your Nomad. 

  • Charges an iPhone 7 three and a half complete times
  • Armed w/ 1.2M Mil-spec drop protection so your clumsiness can’t hurt this battery
  • Located w/ Tile Bluetooth tracking so you’ll never lose it

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  1. PowerBanks such as these is quite important nowadays since most people use smartphones. This particular backup battery is quite nice with it’s specifications and design.

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