Deals: Rearview Eye Level In-Car Smartphone Mount

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If you use your smartphone for navigation while driving, or you just want to be able to take a call safely while keeping your eyes on the road, then an in-car holder is the best way. The problem is, well, most of them have problems. Suction cup holders lose their grip. Vent mounts block a vent and get your phone blasted with hot air in winter. A cup holder may not put the phone in your view. However, a rearview mirror mount is a little different.

These mounts put the phone within view, but more often than not, out of your field of view of the road. The mirror is easy to clamp on, so this won’t lose its grip like a suction cup. It won’t put your phone in the way of the AC or Heat. After trying all of the alternatives, I switched to a rearview mirror mount a couple years ago, and I have been happy with it since.

Keep your eyes on the road and out of your lap with this in-car smartphone holder. Attaching firmly to your rearview mirror, this tool lets you mind your phone’s GPS or put calls on speaker quickly without having to dangerously juggle it. Your rearview will remain unobstructed while your way will be conveniently laid before you.

  • Easy to mount to rearview mirror so you can keep your phone out of your lap

  • No-slip grip ensures your smartphone doesn’t rattle or fall when you hit a bump

  • Keep your dash clear of sliding phones

Our Deals site is offering the Rearview Eye Level In-Car Smartphone Mount for $13.99.

James Rogers

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