Deals: RokBlok- The World’s Smallest Wireless Record Player

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Sometimes you see a gadget and you think to yourself, “now that’s pretty cool.” That’s exactly what came to mind when I saw the RokBlok. With vinyl on the rise, this interesting little music player is a unique and relatively inexpensive way to make your vintage collection more portable.

The RokBlok is likely the smallest record player and speaker combo you will ever find. This uniquely designed device turns the traditional player literally upside down. The RokBlok rolls around a record that is placed on a flat surface using its own power. The soft rubber wheels won’t damage your collectables and the diamond-tipped needle will deliver quality sound.

Speaking of sound, the RokBlok can deliver it on its own through its built-in speaker, as well. However, if you want to go bigger and better, it can also play through a Bluetooth speaker up to 33′ away. And all of this in a 2″ x 2″ x 4″ package that will play for 4 continuous hours. Not bad, as all.

Our Deals site is offering the RokBlok for $99.

James Rogers

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