Deals: SCOUT Wireless 5,000mAh Portable Charger

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Portable battery packs are a near necessity of the modern technological world, but they are often heavy and require you to also carry several cables to take advantage of them. However, the SCOUT Wireless Portable Charger from IntelliArmor is different. Not only does this 5,000 mAh pack have a Qi wireless pad built right in, it also goes a step further.

The SCOUT also has a Lightning cable, a Micro USB and a USB-C cable built right into the side. Add in s single USB-A port for even more flexibility, and you have a killer combo. This battery pack is perfect for the road warrior, as you can charge your phone, AirPods, iPad and other devices up with a single device.

Our Deals site is offering the SCOUT Wireless 5,000 mAh Portable Charger from IntelliArmor for only $39.99. This is 50% off the normal retail price of $80.

James Rogers

I am a Christian husband and father of 3 living in the Southeastern US. I have worked as a programmer and project manager in the Commercial and Industrial Automation industry for over 19 years, so I am hands on with technology almost every day. However, my passion in technology is for mobile devices, specifically Apple's iOS and iPadOS hardware and software. My favorite is still the iPad.

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