Deals: ScreenStick Joystick for Smart Devices at 32% off

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Today’s featured deal is great for anyone who loves to play games on their iPad, but desires a better on-screen control option. With the ScreenStick Joystick, you can finally experience on your iPad what it’s like to play on a console device. With this offer you can pick up a ScreenStick at 32% off! This is  a great deal that will run you only $16.99 – instead of its standard price of $25!  Here’s some info about ScreenStick Joystick, and how you can take advantage of this deal while it lasts…

Gaming on mobile may offer convenience and a library of new options, but sometimes on-screen controls just aren’t up to par. Take full control of your performance with ScreenStick Joystick. When this arcade joystick is attached to your screen, it’ll make your RPG, sports, first-person shooter, and platformer games a breeze to play with the precision you expect. It’s super light and durable, so you can bring it anywhere and pick up paused games on-the-road right where you left off.

  • Game like you’re at home even when you’re on the road
  • Get a whole new mobile gaming experience w/ this 2-in-1 gaming & simulator stick
  • Attach the stick to your phone w/ 2 suction cups
  • Play almost any game w/ an on-screen joystick or d-pad
  • Use it for years to come: made w/ high-quality, light & durable alloy

To see more details, and to place an order, visit this iPad Insight Deals page.

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