Deals: SFC30 Bluetooth Controller + NES Classic Bluetooth Reciever

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If you are either close to my age, a classic gaming fan, or both, then you likely recognize the controller pictured above. The SFC30 from 8Bitdo Tech is precisely styled after the controller from the Super Famicom, the Japanese version of the popular Super Nintendo classic 16 bit game console. This controller was a BIG leap forward over the original Ninetendo NES controller, with more buttons and far better ergonomics.

What the SFC30 has that the original didn’t is Bluetooth wireless and wider compatibility. That compatibility includes iCade games on iOS, Android, Mac OSX and Windows. The controller also works well for the retroPi Raspberry Pi classic gaming emulator, and includes a Bluetooth dongle that is compatible with the popular, but hard to find NES Classic Edition.

Note: This is not an MFi-compatible controller for iOS, so it may not work with most controller-enabled games on iOS. It is certified to work with iCade compatible games. Wider iOS compatibiliy, including use with emulators, is possible with Jailbroken iOS devices.

The SFC30 Bluetooth Controller + NES Classic Bluetooth Reciever Exclusive Bundle from 8Bitdo Tech is available from our Deals site for $39.99.

If you prefer the Super Nintendo button arrangement, the SNES30 version of the bundle is available here for $39.99.
The future (or past?) of gaming is thrust upon us once again with this exclusive offer of the Bluetooth SFC30 controller and NES Classic Edition Receiver. For gamers who just plain appreciate a classic, simple controller, this gamepad lets you play your favorite games on iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows with complete ease. With a professionally designed ergonomic feel and responsiveness, this controller has been expertly optimized for use with touchscreen games. Plus, with the included receiver, you can take it in the opposite direction, solving one of the chief problems of the NES Classic Edition (that short, short wire) with wireless gameplay. You can even decide to play the NES Classic with more advanced Playstation or Wii controllers. 

Supports multiplayer on iOS w/ dual keyboard code system

Controller compatible w/ iOS, Android, Mac OS X, & Windows devices

Receiver is compatible w/ all 8Bitdo controllers & arcade sticks, plus next gen PS4, PS3, Wii Mote, & Wii U Pro controllers

Built-in CPU & FLASH memory chip allows for upgradeable firmware

Works w/ iCade compatible games without jailbreaking your device

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