Deals: STACK 6-Port Modular Surge Protector + USB Charging Module

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Do you ever find yourself hunting for available outlets for charging, or sitting to far away to reach one that is free? It is an increasingly common problem in our digital world. The Stack 6-Port Modular Surge Protector from OneAdaptr offers an elegant to solution to those who need a better to plug their electronics in more easily.

Unique among surge protectors, the STACK is modular, with each of the six outlet section being removable. Each block of the protector has a 4-pin connector that allows you to add, remove, and move sections as needed. The STACK also comes with a dual USB port block, allowing you to charge 2 mobile devices without having to plug in a charging brick. OneAdaptr also offers additional blocks, so you can expand the STACK further, if needed. However you slice it, this is about the most flexible surge protector that you will find.

The STACK 6-Port Modular Surge Protector + USB Charging Module is available from out Deals site for $46.90.

Running out of outlets on your surge protector? Make it infinite with STACK! The STACK 6 Outlet Surge Protector comes with 6 US AC outlets, built-in surge protection and circuit breaker, plus you'll get a USB charging block, as well. These surge protectors are fully extensible so you can add more blocks to meet whatever your needs may be. STACK Sockets' award-winning 4-pin connection system offers revolutionary extensibility and flexibility. If you've got a lot of things to plug in, here's your solution.

• Comes w/ six US AC sockets & dual USB charging ports
• Allows users to add on various types of individual sockets for TV antennas, telephones, LAN surge protectors, & more
• Offers surge protection & circuit protection built-in
• Extendable as much as you need

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