Deals: Twist Plus World Charging Station

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If you are a world traveler, then you know something that many do not- power is not the same all the world over. The connectors are different. The voltages are different. The wrong plug in the wrong outlet can mean a dead device or worse, so if you are planning on doing a little globetrotting, we have just the thing.

The Twist Plus World Charging Station from Konnext attaches to a MacBook charger to make it compatible with outlets in 150 countries.

The Twist Plus is fused, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your laptop or charger when you plug it in. It also includes 4 USB-A ports, allowing you to charge four more devices along with your MacBook, cutting down on the number of adapters you have to carry out of the country.

Our Deals site is offering the Twist Plus World Charging Station from Konnext for $31.99. This is 39% off the normal retail price of $52.99.

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