Deals: World’s Fastest Recharging Battery Pack

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This may sound like an over-cooked marketing claim, but this 10,000mAh battery back from Yukuma actually recharges to full capacity in only 30 minutes. I’ve owned MANY portable battery packs, and most with this kind of capacity take a few hours to recharge, so really is quite impressive.

This power bank comes in your choice of four colors, black, gray, gold, and rose gold, and includes two USB output ports. Be advised that the power input is NOT Micro USB, like most battery packs, The proprietary charger and cable input are the reason this pack recharges so quickly, so I guess that is the one trade off for this accessory’s killer feature. If you are constantly on the go and have a phone or other mobile electronics that you need to keep charged at all times, then one extra cable to keep track of should be worth it.

Our Deals site is offering the World’s Fastest Recharging Battery Pack for $69.99. This is 41% off the normal retail price of $119.

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