Deals: ZeroLemon PowerCube 50,000mAh Portable Power Station

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The PowerCube 50,000mAh Power Station from ZeroLemon is the portable battery for people who aren’t messing around. Do you need to be able to recharge multiple devices while tailgating for your favorite team? Done. Do you want to have plenty of backup power for a camping trip, and aren’t sure how easy it will be to get access to an electrical outlet? Easy. How about keeping your smartphones topped up while boating so you can take pictures? No problem.

To put this in perspective, the iPhone 8 Plus has a 2,691mAh battery. The iPhone X has 2,716mAh of capacity. That is over 18 full recharges. The iPad Pro 12.9 has a whopping 10,307 battery, but the PowerCube can still charge it close to 5 times over. No matter what you throw at this thing, it should be big enough to take it on.

The other great feature of the PowerCube is the number and types of Ports it has. 8 outputs of different types are included: 3 2.4A USB (1 is a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3 port), 2 12V/5A DC, 1 19V/4A DC, 1 10-12.6V/15A, and 1 110V/100W AC Plug. No matter what type of device you have, you can plug it into the PowerCube.

Another huge feature is that, while the PowerCube comes with a DC Wall Adapter that can recharge it to full capacity in 7 hours, it can also accept inputs from optional car and solar charge adapters. This gives you the capability to take the PowerCube on the road and keep it re-charged, even if you are off the grid. This adds an element of versatility that is hard to match.

Our Deals site is offering the PowerCube 50,000mAh Portable Power Station from ZeroLemon for $159.99, which is 60% off the normal retail price of $399.99.

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