iUsers – Jailbreak App to Create User Accounts on the iPad, Not Looking Safe or Ready for Prime Time

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iUsers is a new jailbreak app for the iPad, that offers to let you create separate user accounts, so if you share an iPad, different users can login with different accounts. I’ve been testing it out this morning and unfortunately it does not look at all safe to use if you have a large number of apps

Prior to installing this app, I had over 200 apps installed – which occupied approximately 10GB of space for their program files and data – and around 17GB of free space on my 64GB iPad 2. After using the app to create a user account for myself (as an admin) and one other for my labrador (non-admin) here’s some of the unpleasant results I’ve seen:

— As you may be able to see in the screencap above, my iPad 2 has gone from 17GB free to less than zero space free. It is marked as ‘Over Capacity’ by nearly 5GB, with a whopping 22GB of ‘Other’ content and the size of my Apps storage roughly doubled. And of course as you would expect with any computing device operating with zero space free, the iPad 2 is behaving like a drunken, belligerent, erratic device – with numerous issues. I believe this is due to this portion of how the app works, per its developer Pedro Franceshi:

The system works by making copies of files Filesystem iOS, and some internal modifications of the system to maintain internal data and native applications downloaded from the App Store.

— Before getting to this point, I had tried logging in to the newly created ‘labrador’ account – and gave up after 30 minutes of staring at a ‘Logging in’ screen.

— I had to reboot the iPad 2 after the failed login of the new user, and then found I was unable to delete the (obviously corrupt) new user account.

— In fact, when trying to delete the account, the Settings app itself became largely unresponsive.

I have been trading some Twitter messages with the developer of iUsers, who says that ‘theoretically’ the app should work for those of us with large numbers of apps and large levels of space taken up by those apps. As far as I’m concerned theoretically is not panning out. At all. It has left my iPad 2 in very sorry state and one that will likely require a full restore to recover from.

This app should perform some checks – on apps installed and space taken up by apps / app data – before attempting to create any accounts. And the user should be warned if it looks as if there might be space issues like those I have encountered.

For now, I would say iUsers is an app to be avoided; as it is potentially unsafe if you have a large volume of apps and app data.

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9 thoughts on “iUsers – Jailbreak App to Create User Accounts on the iPad, Not Looking Safe or Ready for Prime Time”

  1. I was stuck at the loading screen when I tried to log on to the second user acct. And it has turned most of my app icons white.

  2. Same here. Shame on me for installing it so quickly, but shame on these guys for having a crappy app.

  3. same here. I was also left at the logging in screen for more than 30min and i gave up. I restarted my ipad, log in using the admin account and uninstalled the iUser in cydia. Then turned off the password in settings.. And everything is back to normal.

  4. Can you please tell me where the new user data is stored in the ipad ? I want to delete it from within iFile !

  5. The same thingnalso happen to me. Now i got headache trying to remove the trash that ate my ipad memory space :(

  6. First of all, to the guys commenting in the post, everyone should know that when you install apps like this it is as your own risk and that there could be huge issues. It is of course a jailbreak tweak that steps outside Apples box. Backup your device first. If you have a backup then all you need to do is wipe, jailbreak, restore.

    Second thing, I heard the dude that wrote this is like 14/15 years old so give the dude some credit for trying to write something that IMHO is a well needed app.

    If you bother to understand what the app is trying to do and understand where it hangs, you will understand how to get it to a working state. I have installed it on an iPad 3 and yes there are issues, but I have managed to get it working. Passwords don’t work and there are certain apps like Facebook that don’t/can’t run multiple users but so far so good.

  7. so i uninstalled this app after having problems with the switching of accounts on my ipod touch and there’s still a password prompt when i go to unlock it

  8. kind of annoying, removed the password after i figured out that it had set up the normal passcode lock in. hope the developer of this app fixes its bugs its a good idea.

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