9 Days of iPad mini Jailbroken: Stable as Heck, But Also Boring

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iPad mini Jailbreak

Last week I posted about jailbreaking my iPad mini for the first time, with the new Evasi0n jailbreak. The jailbreak itself went smoothly and quickly and my iPad mini has been jailbroken for 9 days now.

This jailbreak has proved to be as stable and solid as just about any I can recall over recent years. I’ve had no major issues over these 9 days, and I’m even finding it hard to think of any minor ones. Perhaps an app or two that has some sporadic issues which might be due to the jailbreak or might be completely unrelated. No crashes, no need for any reboots, nothing like that at all.

So here’s the only real ‘problem’ I have with the jailbreak so far: I’m bored.

I’m sure this is very much one of those ‘It’s not you (jailbreak), it’s me’ situations. As I’ve said – the jailbreak process is easy, my device is stable and working great. And there are plenty of jailbreak apps and tweaks available in the Cydia store. I’m just finding that very, very few of them are interesting to me.

In fact, I’ve still only got one major tweak installed – the excellent Accelerate tweak I did a demo video of last week. It speeds up animations on the iPad and makes it feel significantly faster.

That’s it. I’ve looked around a bit, and read some ‘best jailbreak apps for iPad’ sort of posts around the web – and just haven’t seen anything that makes me want to install it. Some apps and tweaks just do things I’m not fussed about, some sound cool but seem like they’ll likely have adverse effects on stability and / or battery life. Many seem more like novelty, gimmicky sort of tricks rather than things that will genuinely make my experience on the iPad mini better.

I’m not giving up on the jailbreak just yet. There’s a tweak called Auxo for rapid app switching which is currently iPhone only but is expected for the iPad fairly soon. I’d like to give that a try if it comes along quite soon. And I need to keep looking for more useful tweaks and apps.

OK, so that’s my 9 days into jailbreak on the iPad mini feelings. Those of you who have got your iPads jailbroken – tell me what I’m missing. What are the great jailbreak apps and tweaks for the iPad that you’re seeing and using?

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19 thoughts on “9 Days of iPad mini Jailbroken: Stable as Heck, But Also Boring”

  1. That’s interesting. At first I thought – Patrick’s lost his damn mind! Bored?! But then I realized all the cool JB stuff I’ve got is on my phone. All the tweaks on my IPad are mainly to address my gripes with Apple’s decisions:

    Action Menu / Password Pilot – faster text entry
    Dimmer & f/lux – for when I read in bed
    Infinifolders – screw your app limit
    NC Settings – duh
    Protect My Privacy – duh x2
    Springtomize – I can probably remove this, not sure what I’ve enabled.

    Not a single fun thing. But, I guess that’s okay, bec. I’m having a blast on my iPhone 5. It really sings with all the fun Auxo / Barrel / Zephyr stuff.

    1. Right, and see I just don’t use my iPhone enough these days to even mess with jailbreak – though I did have it jailbroken for quite a while before iOS 6 came out.

      Auxo is the one tweak I’d love to see come out for the iPad soon, as it’s expected to.

  2. I agree Accelerate is awesome, and I just downloaded SwipeSelection, which allows easy text selecting. Beyond that, just the basic SBSettings and FolderEnhancer is enough for me. I’m hoping that Auxo will become iPad compatible someday – that one rocks on the iPhone.

    1. SBSettings is of course an old, all-time favorite – but I haven’t even got it on the iPad mini. It feels like another one that is much more useful on the iPhone.

  3. Other than Quasar, to me there is no reason to jb an ipad, and Quasar just does not make it worth it to me because jbing disables the directv app, and xcon has not updated yet for the evasion jb. Jailbreaking was always about the phone — which I did, incidentally, the day it came out.

  4. Agree, there’s no so much useful well designed jailbreaks for the iPAD … This is my 4th jailbreaking on iphone or ipad and I’m still not sold. On top of that, jailbreaking my mini today, the installation of NCSettings, followed by SBSettings and then MoutainLionCenter (MLC) just managed to break the so-called “mobile substrate” and get my ipad to restart in Safe Mode each time I try to activate MLC. Ultimately and even if I’d love a way to toggle my settings in a much more efficient way this is not worth the highly potential loss of a stable system so doing a restore now.

  5. I bought ipad mini to jb it and to use Quasar which is not compitable with iOS6 yet other than that I’m using it for watching movies and episodes and reading it’s better than using my iphone for the same thing.. all i hope for now is updating Quasar frome the dev to be compatible with iOS 6

  6. On the iPad I use iFile and Safari Download Manager rather extensively.
    Makes getting at .zip files and other non-apple file formats a lot more convenient.

  7. The main reason for me is SSH: being able to push content (mostly videos) onto our iPad 2 from any of the (Linux) computers in my house.

    Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to do the same on my Mini due to “Good for Enterprise”.

  8. Are you kidding me. What about the iMAME app that only lasted in the Appstore for about a week before being taken down and making its way to cydia. It has full support for the iCade and supports a load of ROM formats. Best arcade experience ever. Then there’s SNES9x in conjunction with SNES4iphone for sweet sweet Super Nintendo gaming on the go with the ability to use the Wii’s classic controller as the game pad.

  9. I jailbroke my iPad 3 … for a short time. I was also bored with it. I found it stable, but everytime that I would install a new app or make a change to the interface, it would lock briefly. Also, I don’t like how I am unable to delete apps. I installed an app that was suppose to let me do just that (don’t remember the name), but after removing the app, the screen would temporarily lock, then the app was back on my iPad. Until evasi0n can make the jailbreak flawless for the iPad, then I won’t be modifying my iPad anytime soon.

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