Cool Things: Interesting New Jailbreak App Switching Concept

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There are quite a few jailbreak app switching apps and tweaks by now – and a few of them are arguably as efficient (or even more so) than the options we currently have in ‘stock’ iOS. Today I spotted a very interesting and promising looking new concept in this area, via a post at the site. In this concept, the equivalent of the Multitasking Bar is a slim column that splits the current app’s page down the middle. Tap on any of the icons for running apps in it to switch, just as we do in the Multitasking Bar. Swipes left and right in the switching bar brings up services toggles and some of the standard controls from the MT bar.

As someone who has been wishing for years that Apple would bring us an easy, elegant method of service toggling in iOS I give this concept major points right away for the solution it offers in that area. I also think it has a bit of elegance to it if it could be implemented successfully in a way that doesn’t cause issues with the currently open app and so forth.

Right now this is just a concept and it’s just shown on an iPhone. It’s the creation of jailbreak developer s3ntry93, who is the creator of the popular Auxo jailbreak app switching app.

What do you all think of this concept? Would you find this an interesting option for app switching (and more) on your iPad or iPhone?

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