Demo: The One Jailbreak Tweak That’s Making My iPad Crazy Fast

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Accelerate is a jailbreak tweak that promises to make your iPad (or iPhone) faster – and boy does it deliver. When I think of its effect on my iPad mini the first two words that come to mind are Vrooom Vroom. It has speeded up app launch times, page refreshes, returning to the home screen, and other common actions. It has also just provided a notable speed boost to just about everything I’m doing on the iPad – and I don’t even have it set at any of its maxed out speed levels as yet.

Check out the demo and see what you think.

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5 thoughts on “Demo: The One Jailbreak Tweak That’s Making My iPad Crazy Fast”

    1. Is this not just the same as FakeClockUp where it simply speeds up the transition animations such as opening and closing apps, multitasking etc? It’s not adding any actual ‘speed’ as that’s impossible.

  1. Not sure if this is a coincidence, but I installed this on my iPhone last night. It did appear to really speed transitions and sped up the iPhone… It was ok over night, but today something hung and completely killed my battery… So far it has been 10 minutes and I cannot get it to charge enough to even wake up… Again may not be this tweak, but watch it closely.

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