Flash on the iPad – No Thanks

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Flash on the iPad

We just saw Flash 10.1 ported to the iPad demonstrated in video form by Comex, and now you can get in on the action too, as long as your iPad is jailbroken. It’s called Frash, and while the plugin is still pretty early and doesn’t do video playback yet, you can definitely play games and other animations right now, and we’re told video support is forthcoming. Okay, so let’s try this out, shall we? It’s not point-and-click simple, but it’s not that hard, either

That’s from a post earlier this week at Engadget.  For many, this will be a very big deal I imagine – but I have to say I have no interest at all.  I find Flash to be a huge resource hog and a major culprit for slowdowns and crashes on my MacBook – there is just no way I want it on a mobile device, even it means the web has some big holes in it for now.

Honestly, I don’t even like having my iPad jailbroken (though I do at the moment) and will likely ditch that when iOS 4 comes out for it in the fall.

How about you all?  Are you keen to try this rendering of Flash on the iPad?  If you have already tried it, what do you think?

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