How To Jailbreak the iPad with Limera1n

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iPad jailbroken with limera1n

The new limera1n jailbreak for all the latest iOS iPhones, iPod Touches, and the iPad was released yesterday. This jailbreak works for all current (and ‘minus 1’) generation iDevices. Specifically it covers:

iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G
4.0-4.1 and beyond

It is Windows only for the moment, but a Mac version is said to be coming soon, and these instructions should likely be the same (or very similar) once a Mac version does appear. Hit the break for an easy run-through on how to jailbreak your iPad with limera1n …

*** Before starting, as always with any jailbreak, I need to point out that there is an element of risk involved any time you jailbreak your device. Although jailbreaking has now been declared legal, it is still decidedly not approved by Apple and may void your warranty with Apple if you are unable to restore your device to ‘stock’ prior to dealing with Apple. You also risk rendering your device unusable – though this rarely occurs, and is very rarely unrecoverable, you should be aware that it is possible. So … if you decide to jailbreak, do so at your own risk. I, and this site, do not accept any liability, of any kind, for any damage that results from any jailbreak efforts.

How To Use Limera1n to Jailbreak Your iPad

Requirements Before Starting:

As stated above, right now there is only a Windows version of limera1n. So you need a Windows machine, or a dual-boot or Windows virtual machine if you’re running a Mac. (I did my testing on a MacBook Pro with a Windows 7 VM running on Parallels).

You need to download the limera1n app – from here:

You should have iTunes installed on your Windows machine – this will help ensure that proper USB drivers for your iPad are present.

Steps to Jailbreak:

— Connect your iPad to your PC via its sync / charge cable.

— Open up the limera1n application.

limera1n make it rain

— Click on the only button presented to you, the one that says ‘make it rain’

— Just after you click, you should see the limera1n dialog change to say ‘Entering recovery mode’.

— Continue to watch the limera1n dialog box and follow the instructions provided. These will take you getting your iPad into ‘DFU mode’ – don’t be scared by the name, limera1n will tell you exactly what to do to achieve this. You start by holding down the Power and Home buttons on your iPad simultaneously for around 10 seconds.


— limerain will tell you when to release the Power button. Do NOT release the Home button at that point. Continue holding just the Home button until you see the limera1n graphic on your iPad screen.


— The iPad should restart itself at this stage, and you should then see a message saying your jailbreak is done and geohot says to enjoy it etc. Now you’re jailbroken, and the next step is to install the Cydia jailbreak app store app.

— At this point you should be able to turn on your iPad and see one new app icon on it – for the limera1n app.

— Open the limera1n app and select Cydia for installation. Once that’s done you should reboot your iPad in order to see proper icons for Cydia and limera1n.

That’s it. Limera1n has worked fine for me so far on an iPad running the latest official 3.2.2 firmware.

If you get a chance to jailbreak your iPad with limera1n, please let us know how it goes for you in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “How To Jailbreak the iPad with Limera1n”

  1. My iPad jailbreaks just fine with the same steps above. But the power/sleep button becomes really unresponsive when I try to power up the device from an OFF state. It takes 4-5 presses before the Apple logo even comes on – anyone else has the same problem?

    Anyway I decided to restore to stock 3.2.2 for the time being – the power button becomes responsive this way again, so it's probably something to do with limerain. I've done this twice so far, with the same results, while my iPhone4 jailbreaks on limerain fine.

    1. Yikes – that's not a nice issue. I didn't see that on the one iPad I jailbroke with limera1n. Hope a future limera1n beta squashes that one.

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