How To Jailbreak the iPad with the Spirit Jailbreak

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iPad with Cydia

The Spirit jailbreak – released on may 2nd – works on all current iDevices – iPhone, iPod Touches, and even the iPad.  It’s extremely simple to use and very fast.

Read on for a quick walk-through of the very simple process as well as a few tips on preparation for jailbreaking …

What Is Jailbreak?

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, it is the process of opening up the iPad  (or iPhone, or iPod Touch) file system so that it is much more accessible than in the standard install of its operating system.  One of the biggest features of jailbreak is that it allows for the installation of third party apps not approved by Apple, and jailbreak App Store equivalents where you can find these apps.


Jailbreaking is generally a very low risk process, and one that can nearly always be reversed very easily by simply doing a restore via iTunes. Having said that, here’s the standard disclaimer stuff for your enjoyment:

This article has a purely informational purpose and doesn’t, in any way, suggest that you should hack your Apple device. Using hacks may render your device unusable, or may reduce the quality of your experience employing the respective device. If you choose to download and install jailbreak tools, you will do so at your own risk. Unlocking / jailbreaking your iPad may violate your warranty or the EULA with Apple and / or your cellular-service provider.

Backup and Sync Before Jailbreaking

Make sure you connect your iPad to your computer and let it do a full backup and sync prior to jailbreaking – so you will be able to restore to that if and when needed.

Check your Camera Roll and copy any images from it that you want to keep, as these may not be maintained after the jailbreak process.

How To Jailbreak the iPad with the Spirit Jailbreak

1. Download Spirit for Mac or Windows from here:

2. Make sure iTunes is closed (not running) on your PC.

3. Connect your iPad to your computer with its standard USB sync cable.  Check again to ensure iTunes is not running after connecting the iPad.

4. If Spirit downloaded as a .zip file, unzip it.  If you already have it as a .app file (on a Mac) or a .exe (on a Windows PC), skip this step.

5. Open the Spirit application. After a moment it should ‘see’ the iPad and show a dialog like this, indicating that it’s ready to go.

Spirit jailbreak for iPad

6. Click on the Jailbreak button. It will change very quickly to saying it has completed and showing you a Quit button.  Ignore that button. 

Using Spirit jailbreak for iPad

Your iPad will reboot and you’ll see a multi-colored screen with a progress bar on it for a short while.  When the progress bar finishes the reboot should complete and you should be back at a Swipe to Unlock screen.   Once you’re there, you can close out the Spirit app whenever you like.

You should now see a new app called Cydia on your iPad.  This is the jailbreak app store, and it is confirmation that your jailbreak succeeded.

That’s all there is to it.  I hope you enjoy your jailbroken iPad.

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