Infinidock Works Well on iPad

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Infinidock on iPad

Infinidock – the jailbreak app that allows you to place an unlimited number of apps on the iPad (or iPhone) dock, and scroll through them – works quite well on the iPad.  This is one of my very favorite jailbreak apps.  I find it hugely helpful to have lots of frequently used apps on the dock.

I’ve been very shy so far in experimenting with jailbreak apps on the iPad, as the whole jailbreak arena for this device is still in its infancy. I am now beginning to try out a few things though, and I’m very happy to see that Infinidock works.

Infinidock lets you fit up to 10 icons on the dock at once – if you can handle having pretty much zero space between them.  I’ve found that 6-7 fit comfortably though, in portrait mode – which shows around 9 when you flip it to landscape mode.

Infinidock on the iPad

There is one notable glitch with Infinidock at the moment: when you switch orientation mode, scrolling stops working.  There is an acceptable (to me) workaround for it – you just press and hold on any icon to get apps into ‘wiggle mode’ and then tap the home button to stop that mode.  Scrolling works again after that.  Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon, but I can live with it for now.

You can find Infinidock now in the Cydia app store.  I purchased it a long while ago for the iPhone and it counted me as having already purchased it when installing on the iPad – but I believe it is a $0.99 app.

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7 thoughts on “Infinidock Works Well on iPad”

  1. was this updated today for iPad compatibility? If not, you better not rotate your screen or you'll put your iPad in Safe Mode. I was reading on this very app last night, and every single article I read said to not install it.

    1. I'm not sure if it was updated today, but I don't think so. I installed the app last night and have not updated it. I have rotated my screen numerous times and have not seen any crashes to safe mode. The only problem with rotation is that scrolling stops until you use the workaround I mentioned above.

  2. "@iMactheiPhone Infinidock 1.3 (the currently released version) does /not/ support the iPad. Don't use it, it can cause big issues.
    11:51 AM May 23rd via Twitter for iPhone in reply to iMactheiPhone"

    This is directly from Chpwn's Twitter. He is the dev who wrote infinidock. You might want to consider renaming your title so that people aren't mis-informed. I've heard that this can cause Safe Mode and the only way to get out of safe mode is to SSH/iFile into your iPad and delete a certain file. While that is easy enough for us, it is not so easy for a newbie jailbreaker.

    1. Thank you. I went and verified that tweet. I'm surprised, but thank you very much for sharing the info. I will update the post, or just do a new one, soon.

  3. with all that being said, i cannot wait for this app to be fully iPad compatible without the need for a work-around on the scrolling issue.

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