iPad 2 Jailbreak Coming Soon?

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If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the ability to jailbreak your iPad 2, you may not have much longer to wait. According to a tweet last week from @p0sixninja, a member of the Chronic Dev team, they were already working on finishing the jailbreak for the iPad 2.


I wonder if they’ll now wait a little to see whether the expected iOS 4.3.2 update has any security measures they’ll need to address to ensure it too is jailbreakable.

I have flip-flopped plenty in the past in my levels of temptation to jailbreak my iDevices – mostly choosing to jailbreak my iPhones, and not so often my iPads. Right now I feel very little desire to jailbreak my iPad 2 – though I may become tempted if the only good wireless mirroring solutions are via jailbreak apps.

How about you all – are you keen to jailbreak your iPad 2?

Via: iPadinCanada

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2 thoughts on “iPad 2 Jailbreak Coming Soon?”

  1. I am so ready to JB my iPad 2… I finally did it on my 3GS a few months ago, and would never go back. Nothing too fancy, just things like SBSettings, and the ability to triple-click the Home button and have all apps gettin’ all jiggly, waiting to be quit all at once. PKGBackup is a must, too.

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