It’s Bye-bye iPad Jailbreak for Me, for Now

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I had been running my iPad jailbroken for the last few months, ever since jailbreaking it in early May via the Spirit jailbreak.  Two days ago I restored it to ‘stock’.  I restored for a few reasons, but primary among them are:

— Jailbreak just wasn’t exciting me much on the iPad – as it’s just such a fast, smooth, powerful device right out of the box.  Rapid app switching and WiFi sync were probably my two biggest reasons for trying the jailbreak out on the iPad, and nice as they are, there was very little beyond those in the jailbreak arena that interested me.

— As ‘the fall’ approaches, I have been hankering to have my iPad ‘clean’ and ready for the lovely iOS 4 update – which will give me Apple’s own rapid app switching solution plus folders – two things I am very eagerly awaiting of course.

For what it’s worth, here is the process I followed to get my iPad restored and ‘clean’ again:

— My starting point was with my iPad jailbroken (via Spirit) and still running iOS 3.2 – I had never updated to 3.2.1 because I was unsure of how that played out with maintaining the jailbreak.

— My first step was to grab all the images from my iPhone’s Camera Roll via an import with the Image Capture app on my MacBook.

— When connected to iTunes, I refused the update at first – and ran a full sync and even let it do a backup (though I was not planning to use it).

— Following the full sync, I then did a Restore and Update.

— Once the restore and update was finished, I set it up as a new iPad rather than using the backup – just to stick with the clean, fresh start sort of theme, and also because I know from past experience that restores from backups often cause issues.

The big downside of the whole restore process is the time spent doing it.  Sync took ages, redoing basic system and app (sync stuff and similar) settings is a drag, and messing around with the clumsy organizing of apps and home screens is just plain painful (especially when you start with 11 screens worth of apps).

The upside is – as always – that I managed a nice bit of culling of apps I realized no longer deserve a place on any home screen, and I took a fresh look at what apps I want where and so forth.  Once I was done and had all my settings and apps and screens – and had chosen some nice new wallpapers – it actually felt like a very pleasant spring clean, despite the fact it was done in the blazing heat of summer here in Texas.

The sideways / ironic side is that I may be heading in the opposite direction on my iPhone 4.  So far I have run it stock, but I’m feeling tempted to jailbreak it again – but I may wait to see a new jailbreak that doesn’t rely on the soon-to-be-patched PDF security flaw.

Have you done any recent spring cleaning on your iPad?  If so, please share your approach in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “It’s Bye-bye iPad Jailbreak for Me, for Now”

  1. I ran my iPad jailbroken for about a week, when like you I "cleaned" it up by restoring to stock. I also found the jailbreak features not worth the trouble currently. Maybe I'll revisit it in the future. Now I too am just waiting for iOS 4.

  2. the only reason I have mine jailbroken is so I can tether my BlackBerry via Bluetooth for emergency connections to the net on the road with no wi-fi

  3. I have kept mine jailbroken. Since I still use my iPhone for 99% of my media needs, I really don't use backgrounding very often. Taking notes at church and flipping back to my Bible app is about it. My main use is my guilty pleasure. I love ZodTTD's retro gaming emulators. I am still waiting for him to get NES4iPhone updated, but PSX4All and SNES4iPhone work great. Both even have WiMote support for easy gameplay. As much as I am on the road, this is reason enough for me.

    1. There ya go. That's a good reason to keep it JBed. I just found all my good reasons were dwindling away, although I will miss Pro Switcher / Backgrounder for the next few months.

  4. I just discovered the joyous wonders of Circuitous today. I'm happy the way it works with backgrounding, enabling me to grab my login data for websites from iKeepass, swapping easily back and forth between it and Safari. And I like sbsettings ability to quickly adjust my display brightness.

    1. Cool – glad you're enjoying that one. I've used Circuitous as well, on both iPad and iPhone, but have always preferred Pro Switcher.

  5. Didn't setting up as a new iPad mean that you lost all of your app data? (game saves for example)

    1. Yeah, for some apps. Many of my games have OpenFeint support, so any high scores are maintained on their global leaderboards. All my serious go-to apps have desktop or cloud sync partners, so I get everything back within a few minutes – e.g Google Sync, Evernote, Things, Simplenote, 1Password, Feedler, Dropbox and more.

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