Jailbreakme Update (sorta) Fixes Camera Connection Kit Issue with Latest iPad 2 Jailbreak

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If  you jailbroke with the new jailbreakme.com jailbreak for iPad 2 you may have noticed that the Camera Connection Kit no longer worked for importing photos from your iPhone or cameras. I certainly found that and it was a known issue since the jailbreak release.

This week comex (the lead developer of the latest jailbreakme.com jailbreak) and Cydia have released an update that fixes the issue with the Camera Connection Kit.

To apply the fix just open Cydia and agree to do the Essential Upgrade that is suggested. I did this on my iPad 2 this morning and it has fixed the issue, but not 100% I would say – because the iPad 2 now does recognize the Camera Connection Kit, but very slowly. Prior to the jailbreak when the Camera Connection Kit was connected to the iPad 2 it was instantly recognized and the iPad 2 instantly woke up and loaded the Photos app.

With this fix, the iPad 2 does not wake up automatically when the kit is connected. I have to wake it up manually. The Photos app also reacts very slowly now with the kit connected.

I think comex may need to take another swing at this one.

Thanks to iPad in Canada for the heads-up on the update.

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5 thoughts on “Jailbreakme Update (sorta) Fixes Camera Connection Kit Issue with Latest iPad 2 Jailbreak”

  1. Is 6 seconds slow? That’s how long it takes to get a full page of thumbnails on my iPad 2. I’m on IOS 4.3.3 using a 4GB Sandisk USB stick. I have got lots of USB sticks and most of them don’t work at all but never did. Also had lots of problems with SD cards becoming corrupted. So I don’t use them any more. But it certainly works as rubbish as it did before.

    1. I’ve never timed it but 6 seconds seems a bit slow. Before the jailbreak my iPad 2 would launch the Photos app instantly upon connecting the kit with my iPhone connected. Pulling up the first screen worth of photos took very little time too. It only took it a while to pull up all the 3,000+ photos.

      As you likely already know, USB sticks are not supported by the kit, so it’s no surprise it handles those badly.

      1. Wow. What a dick response man… I mean, why are you so mean? Are you on your period or something?
        6 seconds is really fast. My ipad always does it that fast.

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